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Therese Gervais is known and cherished by many as a community service leader, a mother, a friend, a sister, a Christian, an advocate, a missionary, a loving wife; but Therese is probably best known as a Pathfinder Pioneer. Everyone who has met Therese would agree that she displays the basic rudiments of Pathfindering including honor, respect, discipline and integrity. Therese's initial Pathfinder experience dated back in 1985 at Good Samaritan Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she started their first Pathfinder's Club. It was noted early on that under her the leadership, participants gained a greater sense of personal and spiritual growth.

The following year Therese made a move to Orlando, Florida where she started yet another first Pathfinder's Club in the Orlando's Franco Community; in 1986 at Beracah French SDA Church, and in 1987 at Bethel French SDA Church. Throughout the years as Pathfinder Director, Therese also served as Council Member of the Southeastern Conference of SDA and as MC Strachan Haitian Coordinator. She currently serves as the SEC Haitian Coordinator and SEC District II Pathfinder Coordinator Assistant. She also serves her local church as the Adventurer's Club Director. Once again under the leadership of Therese, Beracah's Pathfinder's Club officially became the 'Beracah Knights' in 2005 and has changed the face of Pathfinder's as we know it. The Beracah Knights Drum Corps was also initiated by Therese and made headlines throughout SEC, Bayda, Youth Congress, Oshkosh as 'Undefeated Champions' (local, regional, national and international) in Drill and Drum Corps Showcase Competitions...winning countless awards, and receiving honorable recognition.

The Knights exhibited unwavering innovations, and character not only in their performances but also in principle...that made them stand out among their peers. Among them numbered three of Therese's very own off-springs. Not only did their skills shine, but their light also shined reflecting that of their leader. That's because she demands nothing less than the very best of each participant, and in all that she does. That's the spirit of a true Pathfinder Pioneer.