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Back in the 1980’s, we had no Haitian SDA church in the community.  A few people previously meeting at Mount Olive SDA in Apopka, decided to start a Sabbath school group.  They met in the fellowship hall of that church every Sabbath for the French revision of the weekly lesson.  After such, they would gather with the members of the Mount Olive church for the Divine Service. 


Each Sabbath afternoon, they went around the community, seeking for their fellow brothers and sisters, inviting them and others to join the group.

As they grew bigger, they decided to break apart from Mount Olive, and rented their 1st small church on Park Avenue in Apopka.

As the group reached about 30 members, in August of 1982, the Southeastern Conference recognized them as a church and installed Mr. Jean Claude Brutus  as their pastor and the name Beracah was given.

Not long after, all the Haitian Adventist, living in the cities around, started going to Beracah for worship service.  The church than got too small and they needed to move to a bigger place…

They leased the church of Nazarene on Roger Williams road in Apopka.  Seeing how quick the church was growing, they started a special collection for the construction of their own church

At the end of 1986 the 1st Beracah was purchased.  They moved into that facility on January 10th of 1987.  Later on in July 2000, the purchase of the 2nd Beracah on Powers drive, and as of 2008 Beracah # 3 in Haines City.

Let it be known that Beracah  is the mother of all the Haitians Churches in Orlando.

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