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6330 Moore Street
Orlando, FL 32818

Our Mission

Beracah has over 800 members.
We are proud of our diversity
Afro-Caribbean congregation and
our ministry in our local More...

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Weekly Prayer Meeting - Aug 2, Sat 8:00 PM -  

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Flash! Flash! Flash! 3 weeks of Revival from July 12th through August 3rd 2014. Come and experience the warm presence of God during those 3 weeks, come and bring friends along! .






Ladies, and Gentlemen
We, at Beracah II SDA French Church, in Orlando, Florida, are pleased to welcome you while you are visiting our website. We hope that one of these days you can stop by to join with us in worship of our God.
We are serving a great, mighty and faithful God to whom we give praise, because He has done great things for His people. Yes, God has abundantly blessed His people. Praised be his name!
By just observing our surrounding, we will recognize that our world has seen unprecedented moves socially, economically, politically, and even religiously. The airwaves, media, and the films are crowded with images of defeat, despair, uncertainty, hopelessness, and immorality. We have unlimited evidences which tell us that Jesus, as he predicted it, is at the door, He is coming soon. No doubt about it, we are living in the last days. Because of the seriousness of the time in which we live, we have the solemn duty to seeking for Revival and Reformation so that we can be empowered to "REACH the world" with Present Truth that God entrusted us with.
Obstacles will exist and problems will arise; but the power of our faith along with hard work will move mountains. It is important that we remain cognizant of our Mission. Christ is on His way! Let us remain enthusiastic and faithful while we continue to move forward in faith knowing that God goes before us to bless us.

Also, we are proud to annouce our radio streaming and live streaming our worship. Visit the "Media" tab above or click here

Thank you for choosing to visit us online today and we look forward to meeting you soon. Have a great day!

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Leader Spotlight: Therese Gervais

Therese Gervais is known and cherished by many as a community service leader, a mother, a friend, a sister, a Christian, an advocate, a missionary, a loving wife; but Therese is probably best known as a Pathfinder Pioneer. Everyone who has met Therese would agree that she displays the basic rudiments of Pathfindering including honor, respect, discipline and integrity. More...



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